Manchester School of Computer Science team returns from teaching in Malawi

An outreach team from the University of Manchester’s School of Computer Science has returned from a pilot project in Malawi, teaching computing in schools in the North of the country.

It was a great experience all round, for the staff, CS students and schoolteachers on the team, and for the schools, where we met real enthusiasm from the teachers and from the schoolchildren too, who engaged well with the subject despite never having touched a computer, or even a keyboard before! They requested we taught throughout the weekends as well, which we did. The message for next year is “bigger and better”, and planning has already begun.

You may read more in a Report on the Project, with insights into some key issues that arose including pedagogic approach, infrastructure, language, gender inequalities, and sustainability and scalability of impact.

There will be a Computer Science seminar in which we will show what was done, discuss the experience, and debate the value of such an intervention in a very unequal world: 2pm, Wednesday 27th September 2017, Kilburn Building, room LT 1.5, Oxford Road, University of Manchester.


2 thoughts on “Manchester School of Computer Science team returns from teaching in Malawi

  1. This is a good initiative. I am a Malawian and a PhD candidate in Computer Science at Rhodes University in South Africa. I also established Malawi’s first technology hub where we train children, girls and youth how to develop games, animations, web and mobile applications. I am so glad to hear of the initiative to introduce computers and to train young Malawians by the team from Manchester; as this is my passion. I would like to be involved next time.

    1. Nice work and well done. It’s very encouraging to read that they requested extra hours throughout the weekends. They have so much potential and drive!

      Rachel is a great person to connect with on your next trip. Especially if you are doing anything in Lilongwe. is a fantastic project.

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