Indian IT Sector Statistics: 1980-2009 Time Series Data

The spreadsheet linked below provides time-series data for India’s IT industry: software, hardware and services revenue for both export and domestic markets.  Software export figures run from 1980; overall IT outputs from 1991; and detailed breakdown from 1998 including BPO (business process outsourcing) data from 2000.

Link to PDF version of Indian IT Industry data with charts

Link to XLS version of Indian IT Industry data via Google Docs

Link to Google Doc spreadsheet of Indian IT Industry data

Although software and IT services tend to grab the headlines, other sub-sectors are significant: with hardware worth US$9.5bn (nearer US$12bn if one includes hardware design) and BPO worth more than US$13bn in 2008/09.  Total revenue for India’s IT industry in 2008/09 was US$73.4bn.

A number of charts are included in the PDF version.  These show, for example:

– The phenomenal growth rate of India’s software exports, with (ten-year rolling) average annual growth never dropping below 30%, and overall exports exceeding US$36bn in 2008/09:

– The much higher growth rate of Indian IT exports compared to production for the domestic market.  As a result, the share of exports in total IT output has risen from 19% in 1991/92 to 69% in 2008/09:

The source for the data used is a mixture of interviews in India and Department of Electronics/IT reports for the earlier data up to late 1990s; and the invaluable Dataquest (India) annual review of the IT industry (the “DQ Top 20”) from that point on.